Term of using website

The following content of the conditions and terms of using Vinasun App services constitute a service contract which is bound by an legalization between Vinasun Corporation and Customers. When customers use the Vinasun App service, it means that customers have accepted the Terms and Conditions below and be bound to abide by these Terms and Conditions. Customers are responsible for reviewing and carefully read the contents of the terms of conditions. If customers do not agree with these terms and conditions, you should stop using this application.

Article 1. Description of Service  

Vinasun App is technology software which is to call, manage and coordinate taxi based on the mobile platform, whereby users of transport service (customers) downloads Vinasun App for reservations transport service. Application Service allows customers to connect with the party providing the transport service when customers make transaction by using application via mobile devices.

Article 2: Condition of use

  1. We can edit, update "The conditions and terms of using the service" anytime without notice. Editing will take effect as soon as the application is updated on Vinasun App. Customers should regularly check for changes, and the customers continue to use this application which means to agree with the changed content.
  2. By using the Service, customers ensure to have the legal right to consent and agree with the conditions and terms of use, ensure that customers have the right, authority and capacity to use the Service and comply with the conditions and terms of use and engage in a contractual agreement.

Article 3. Rights and obligations of customers

  1. Read, understand and comply with the procedures for registration, order transaction and regulations, manuals and The Terms and Conditions before using our services.
  2. Use service information in right purposes provided by the application.
  3. Provide completely and accurately information needed to register and / or arising in the course of using the service at the request of the Company.
  4. Comply with the laws and regulations of the Company relating to the registration and use of the Applications Service.
  5. Do not use the application or software to cause trouble or disorder or counterfeiting taxi reservation outside the purpose of the service.
  6. Do not copy or distribute software or other content without the written permission of the Company.
  7. Stay safe and secure your account password or any method of identification that we provide for you to access to Services.
  8. When customers have completed a trip through the Service, customers need to pay the full freight for the third-party provider. Customers can choose to pay for the service by cash, by credit card, debit card or by Membership card of our Company.
  9. The company is entitled but not obliged to terminate this Agreement and terminate your using of the Service at any time with or without notice; have the right to stop processing any transaction that we believe that the transaction may be fraudulent, illegal or relating to the offense or when we believe you are violating Terms of use.
  10. Update, track information, notices, regulations and instructions on using the services of our Company pursuant to these methods such as: (i) update on the application; (ii) the documentation of the Company; (iii) inform, guide via email, sms; (iv) other methods pursuant to our Company in every period time.
  11. Send support requests and complaints in the course of using the Services to our Company through following methods: phone call to  support customer service Call Center, or other methods prescribed by our Company.
  12. Cooperate and provide necessary information following our requirement which is suitable to our agreement with the Company and the regulation of law.
  13. Other obligations prescribed by the Company and the relevant regulations of law

Article 4. Rights and our responsibilities

  1. The company is entiled to own all right, ownership and interest, including all rights of related intellectual property, to the Software and / or Application.
  2. Comply with the regulations of law relating to the providing service.
  3. Make sure to provide accurately, completely services to customers as agreed.
  4. Provide instruction documentation, supporting customer using service. 
  5. Solve enquiries, customer complaints related to service.
  6. Keep secrets all information of customers stored in the Company, except providing information in accordance with regulations of law.
  7. Lock / suspend / terminate / or refuse to perform the transaction, or suspend service or lock log in function of customers during the time of using the Service without prior notice to Customers, upon the following cases:
    1. Pausing to upgrade services, maintain system;
    2. When detecting Customers violate any content of conditions and terms, regulations regarding use of the application issued by the Company or involved legal provisions;
    3. Customer transactions have signs of law violation.
    4. According to the decision and / or requirement of authorized government department.
  8. Not responsible for any disputes arising between customers and third parties (if any) arising from or relating to the transactions carried out not through the application service.
  9. Change documents relating to the service, change / adjust information screen interface, the service functions at any time without prior notice to customers
  10. When upgrading, developing service, the Company is allowed to supplement and provide more convenient service to customers without notice or asking customers register for additional service.
  11. When customers access and use application, the Company may collect and store information, such as the process of statistical data access, personal information provided to the Company as registered ... The personal information customers provided, including but not limited to name, date of birth, telephone number, email address, permanent address, address using the service .... We have the right to use these information for planning, researching, management, supervision, consultancy, support between the company and the Customer and (or) for the purpose of advertisement, introduction products service of the company for customers or providing information to legal departments  as required by law of by Court.
  12.  Other rights prescribed by the Company and law.

Article 5. Risk and indemnity

We commit to provide the best service and try to minimize risks of technical that customers may encounter; is not responsible for the risks, loss of customers when customers use the service due to the following risks:

  1. System error hardware, software does not work or does not work properly due to functional design because irresistible elements, such as : floods, fires, natural disasters, naturally electrical damage ...;
  2. Risk of pausing activity of network caused by Internet connection, mobile phone network ... of service provider get technical problems or overload;
  3. The system can be infected with the virus, are attacked or affected by the incident beyond the control of the Company suspended all activities of information exchange; resulted in the inability to handle or perform customer transactions;
  4. The identification may be mistaken or incorrect because identified information of Customer (username, password, phone number, e-mail address) are taken by the 3rd party by illegal tricks law ...;
  5. Risk of transaction order sent by customers can not withdraw because transactions on the system of application is processed and carried out automatically.
  6. Customers are completely responsible for the decisions which are related to the services and products being introduced to customers through services, software and / or application. Customers totally abolished and immunities Company from any and all liability, claims, causes of prosecution, or damages arising from the use of service, software and / or application, or in any way related to the third party were introduced to customers through service, software and / or application.

Article 6. Applied law and dispute resolution

  1. The conditions and terms of service are adjusted by the laws of Vietnam.
  2. In the course of implementation, if a dispute arises, two parties will actively solved based on  negotiation and mediation. In case no settlement is reached, the dispute will be brought to the competent court in accordance with the law provisions to solve, except other provisions provided by law.

Article 7: Final provision

  1. These issues which has not been specified in this terms and conditions, will be implemented in accordance with the law, the guidance of the authorized Government Department and / or commitments / agreements is differently valid between parties.
  2. Customers have read, understood, agreed and committed to comply with the provisions of this Conditions and terms of use
  3. Conditions and terms are valid from the date Customers register and use the application services / software of the company.